Full Cream Milk Powder(Vitamin A & D)

Full Cream Milk Powder Vitamin A & D

Full Cream Milk Powder(Vitamin A & D)

KINGS KUMA formula milk powder is made from 100% high quality, pollution-free Australian imported milk. It contains a good source of calcium and vitamin D, together with proper exercise, help rebuild healthy bones. It's nutrient-rich, naturally safe milk powder can help optimize the nutritional supplements of Calcium and Vitamins for the whole family. Daily intake will enhance immunity, flight off viruses, and is a nutritional bone calcium supplement.

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Serving Size: 24*36g

  Unit Per 250ml Per 100g NRV%
Energy kj 769 2,139 8.9%
Protein g 8.3 23.6 13.8%
Fat g 10.2 29.0 13.9%
Staturated Fat g 6.7 19.1  
Carbohydrates g 13.7 39.1 4.6%
Sodium mg 119 340 6%
Vitamin A ug 4 10 70%
Calcium mg 245 700 30.6%