Kings Full Cream Milk Powder

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kings adult instant milk powder

Adult instant milk powder

In modern life, our daily dietary intake of calcium is lower than the average level we need. Elderly people often feel the loss of bone mass and muscle volume, and muscle weight may also begin to decline. Kings Kuma full cream milk contains great a resource of calcium and vitamin D. It is critical to solve the problem of a lack of vitamin D levels and the maintenance of bone health; daily intake of Kings Kuma will provide you with the proper exercise to help you rebuild healthy bones.

Kings Kuma full cream milk powder is made from 100% high quality, pure and pollution-free Australian imported milk. It is a nutrient-rich, naturally sae milk powder. It can help optimize the nutritional supplements calcium and vitamins for the whole family. Daily intake of instant milk powder contains the best source of high quality protein which will enhance immunity, fight off viruses, and is a nutritional bone calcium supplement.


kings full cream milk powder

​Kings Choice full cream milk powder tastes mellow, rich and fresh. By stirring a little it safely dissolves without high condensation and significantly improves the food absorption rate.

  • Source of protein
  • Good source of calcium
  • Made from 100% Australian milk
  • Permeate free