Kings Honey

kings honey straw

100% Australia Honey

Our innovative design of honey packaging provides the most convenient way for our customers to enjoy our honey. The design of our honey straw is easy to use, hygienic and suitable for any occasion and location.


  • 100% pure Australian honey
  • Yellow box honey
  • Low level of moisture
  • US FDA approved packaging
  • Convenient
  • No cleaning
  • No mess
  • In control of consumption every time

Kings Honey Straws now come in 16 piece & 30 piece bags:

  • kings honey straw 16 pieces bag
  • kings honey straw 30 pieces bag


kings honey jar yellow box

Yellow box is one of the most popular honey varieties in Australia. It has a beautiful light amber colour, it's aromatic, with a mild distinctive flavour that is smooth and buttery on the tongue. Fairly sweet, it is dense and slow to crystallize and also has a lower GI than other honey, making it the perfect choice for diabetics.