Kings Juice

Sterile, non-silicone, toxin-free, recyclable, BPA free, patent-protected

  • 3 varieties of Infant drinks, 250ml bottle incorporating sterile teat
  • Organic Apple & Banana organic fruit drink
  • Organic White Grape fruit drink
  • Filtered Water (pasteurised)
  • 3 varieties of Organic Fruit Drink in 750ml PET, BPA Free, bottle

Product USP

  • Patented Australian Technology
  • Consistent teat flow-rate
  • Low carbon footprint manufacture
  • FDA food contact approved material
  • Recyclable and BPA free
kings juice

Kings Juice – diluted organic juice and infant suitable filtered water

​Popular, but very Different Fruit Drinks

These are not just any old ordinary fruit drinks. These are Kings Fruit Drinks the way that fruit drinks should be formulated and presented for our children.

Infant Suitable Filtered Water

  • No added sugar
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives ​
  • Made in Australia

The fastest growing segment of adult beverages is now available especially for infants and in a RTD format that is extremely convenient for busy mums. Leveragingthe success of the 250ml fruit drink varieties comes ‘Big Kings Juice’ in a 750ml PET format.

All organic diluted fruit drinks with less than 4% ‘natural sugar’ are ‘better for you’. This offer has been developed specifically for children and is located in the juice aisle. This organic juice is diluted, filtered, pasteurized and bottled with water from a natural artesian spring in central New Zealand.